Why you should join Digital Deepak Internship Program Now!

Why you should join Digital Deepak Internship Program Now!

Digital Deepak Internship Program

What is Digital Deepak Internship Program and how it’s different?

If you are interested in digital marketing you may have seen ads or youtube videos of the Digital Deepak internship program, But who is digital Deepak? Digital Deepak – Deepak Kanakraju is one of India’s top Digital Marketer and very successful Entrepreneur – Pixel Track
Digital Deepak internship program is a unique one of its kind program where you will get paid to learn Digital Marketing!
Heard it right!!
You will get to learn from India’s most successful entrepreneur. The skill of Digital Marketing is very essential right now because of covid19, and you will get paid to learn.
The Program is designed in a way that if you complete your assignments properly and on time you will get paid for them and that’s why this program completion rate is very high because of the involvement of money.

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Digital Deepak Internship Program

My Experience at Digital Deepak Internship Program

I joined Batch 4 of the digital Deepak internship program in August. I was very excited because I’ve heard a lot about Deepak kanakraju sir from other interns, I’ve watched his webinars on SEO, Content Marketing on youtube, and I was amazed at the depth of the content he is delivering through these free webinars.
I’ve been thinking to learn digital marketing from a person who can guide me and mentor me because learning digital marketing is very easy anyone can learn and can get certified. But I wanted to implement my learnings to drive actual results for the company because that’s what matters, and I was lucky that I came across Digital Deepak’s website and I found this amazing Internship Programm he is offering where you will not just learn digital marketing but will also practice it in the real world to drive results for yourself!

Who Should Not Join Digital Deepak internship Program?

This Internship program is designed in a way that you will learn a lot in a short span of time and the Assignments will force you to get out of your comfort zone, so if you are someone who is in habit of staying in comfort zone or not ready to take up a challenge this internship program is not for you.

I had an advanced level of knowledge and understanding of Digital marketing (Specialized in SEO) but I was unable to execute or implement my learnings and that was a big challenge for me because if you can’t utilize your skills or don’t know how to utilize it’s of no use! if you are also facing the same problem of not being able to implement learnings and take action you should definitely join this internship program it will definitely help you to gain some very good experience in the field of digital marketing with the help of an amazing community and mentor.

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There were a total of 16 weeks in the Internship program let’s see what I’ve learned

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Week 1 – Success Mindset

Success Mindset – this was my personal favorite week and session, why? I am an MBA Marketing student and life in MBA is very stressful and especially now when COVID19 impacted the whole world so badly when companies were laying off employees, the economy of the country was shaken and chances of getting hired is very difficult.
This week Taught me How to Think Differently – Thinking Long Term (Seeking Objective Truth)
How to Change yourself – Becoming a 2.0 version of yourself, who you are right now is not capable of achieving success
Having a Positive Mindset – Surrounding yourself with like-minded people and Positivity
Having High Standards – Don’t go for things which are easily available
Dream Big – You will never achieve more than your Dreams, by dreaming big you put yourself into a vulnerable position
Ethics – Don’t do things just for the sake of money, have the right attitude.
Productivity – Add to-do list, measuring time
Measuring your Life – Be analytical, measure your finance, daily routine, etc.
It was an amazing week which set a momentum for the whole program and not only for the program but this also helped me to focus more on my academics and upskilling for placements.

Week 2 – The Law of Marketing

Being a Marketing student I already know the most of concepts but again the advantage of learning from an Expert is you will always learn something new.
Law of Marketing – Marketing is about sending the Right message to Right People at Right Time!
Communication Skills – in digital marketing it’s also known as Storytelling or content marketing
Global Economics and Marketing – I was surprised to see economics in marketing but it totally makes sense. How?
Debt Creates money, for a country to have a strong economy everyone must be in debt – sounds crazy but it’s true. you can refer to this very good book – Economics 101 or currency wars, Capital: Thomas Piketty.

Digital Vs Traditional Marketing – what is the difference between traditional marketing approaches and Digital Marketing.
How digital marketing has made everything transparent in terms of ads expenditure, acquisitation rates, campaigns.
Digital Marketing is the best method to reach people with buying power.

Direct Response Marketing – Direct Response is a type of Marketing designed to elicit an instant response by encouraging prospects to take specific action.

The CATT Marketing Funnel – Concept I didn’t know CATT stands for content, Attention, Trust, and Transaction.
Integrated Digital Marketing – Integration of all platforms to form an ecosystem.
Personal Branding – The Best Known will always beat the Best.
Another amazing week with so much deep meaningful content delivered by our very own DD sir – Digital Deepak.
Check out my article which was part of the assignment for this week.

Week 3 – Discovering Your Profitable Niche 2.0

The Most important week because this involved discovering your niche.
Mantra for Niche = Specialize – Productivity – Wealth for All, this says Identify your Niche then try to become expert in that Niche, Produce meaningfully high-quality content which can drive income for you.
Strategies To Find your Niche – refer to books like IKIGAI, Mastery – Roberts Greene, The Art of work.
What do people want – People want to go from their current state to the desired state
Niche is a combination of your Passion + Talent + Market opportunity
Discovering Market Needs – Tools to do niche research – Google Autosuggest, Ahrefs, Semrush, Google Trends, etc.
Creating a community for Niche research.
After discovering your niche only you’ll be able to generate revenue from it.

Week4 – Creating your WordPress Blog

This was the most interesting week as we have to set up our own WordPress Blog, let’s see what steps I took and how I created my first WordPress blog from scratch with help of DD team.
At first, I was scared because setting up your own WordPress blog for the first time can be tricky, but Team DD helped a lot during this and made it really simple.
Step1. The first thing is to purchase a Domain Name for your site – there are various domain providers which offer domain name at very cheap price like – GoDaddy, name.com, Namecheap, etc. I went with Godaddy and got the domain richardpauls.com under 500 bucks for a year.
Step2. The Second Step is to Purchase Hosting. Again there are several hosting services available like- A2hosting, Namecheap, Hostinger – its the cheapest hosting service provider and I too purchased from hostinger for under 300 bucks.
Step3. The third step is to connect or integrate domain service and hosting service. your hosting service will give you 2 codes marked as name servers, you have to paste them in your domain service – go to your domain provider – select DNS – Name Servers – Paste the Code – Done!
Step4. Go to hosting service – Cpanel – install WordPress – done!
Step5. After installing WordPress make sure you enable the SSL certificate – Secured Socket Layer.
Step6. In your Dashboard, you can use the free theme by going to the appearance tab and start creating pages like the Home page, contact page, blog page.
Step7. Done you can now write your first post bu going to the post section
Step8. Set your permalink – I suggest to go for post name.
Step9 – You also need to install few Plugins like – Akismet, All in One SEO or Yoast, W3 Total cache, etc.
Step10. Connecting Google Analytics and Search Console to your Site using All in on SEO tool.
Step11. Done! your first WordPress account is live and running.

Week 5 – Creating Unique and High Quality Content

Content is the king in digital marketing and in traditional marketing, to grab the attention of people we need to advertise, and to advertise we need content.
what we learned –
3 pillars – Blog – Paid Content – Community
A new way of content marketing – Attention – Own Content – Branding – Sales – Profit – Repeat
Making of original and Unique content
1. content inception – the source of ideas, your writing need to be creative, writing is assembled than created. you do not create content when you consume it from other sources.
2. Mantra – Consume content – Apply it – Experience it
3. Capturing good content – tools to capture good content – Liner, Readwise, kindle highlight.
4. Power of Personal Branding – content also helps to make your Personal Brand, having a strong online presence, and telling consistent and inspiring stories helps people to recognize you as a Brand.

Week 6 Social Media and Networking

This week forced me to get out of comfort zone how?
As part of my assignment, I have to conduct a webinar on a topic under my niche.
Conducting the webinar was the best experience I had so far – being an introvert I was scared and at the same time, I was excited to share my knowledge with people.
I conducted a webinar on the topic – Personal Branding which is very important now to stand out from the crowd.

Networking is not just connecting with people when you want something from them, networking is adding value to the person from the very first interaction which is known as Building a truly meaningful relationship.

Week 7 Lead Generation and Email Marketing

Lead generation and email marketing again a very exciting week.
Learned about B2B and B2C Lead generation and email marketing, creating landing pages, setting up email marketing tool (Mailchimp).
In B2B since I didn’t have any product or company I did cold emailing reaching out to CEO’s of digital marketing agency for the job and to my surprise I got response, yup few of them were negative but also few of them were positive and I ended up with the interview.
For B2C I created a landing page and generated leads via ads and created a drip email marketing sequence for nurturing the leads.

Week 8 Facebook Ads

Now there is one thing learning about Facebook ads and actually running Facebook ads, there is a difference.
I ran Traffic ads, conversion-optimized ads for my landing page I created in week7.
I learned about creating a custom audience, installing pixel, where to install it, how to track conversions, and how to control cost on Ads, how to get most out of facebook ads using custom conversion pixel.
Facebook ads is a very deep topic and DD delivered with great live examples and live accounts with real data.

Week 9 Google Ads

Google ads again this is a very deep topic to understand and can be learned only by actually using it and running ads.
I ran video ads, search ads, display ads. Understood the difference between Google ads and Facebook ads. How to target keywords in Google ads etc.

Week 10 SEO

Search engine optimization – a topic which you can learn only by practicing it, had to write SEO optimized article in this assignment.
Learned about on-page SEO, off-page SEO, Technical SEO, best practices to follow.
SEO is very important for the organic growth of business and generating organic traffic.
Google also loves organic results because it provides users a really good experience and information.

Click here to see my SEO optimized article which i created for assignment.

Week 11 – Deep Marketing Automation

This is the topic where DD sir has the expertise and deep marketing is different from drip marketing.
Deep marketing is related to the personalization and segmentation of leads.
Deep marketing can really boost the conversion rates because of personalized messages and segmentation.

Week 12 – The Natural Sales Method

Sales is the most important thing of this entire journey, it’s sales which will drive profits so that you can continue and pay off your expenses. This week was very important as DD taught us how to prospect and drive customers through sales funnel. The Concept of sales is misunderstood by many it’s not tricking people to buy your product it’s building a relationship with your customers and giving them solution in form of products and services this is what real selling is and that’s how you too should do it.

There are 4 More bonus weeks about Digital Mentoring, Affiliate Marketing, Digital Freelancing and Personal Brand.

Bottom Line

There are approx 1000 members in my batch and we are divided into groups according to our personality types(Amazing right). the most important thing in these groups is it will develop teamwork skills and leadership skills, whenever someone got stuck with their assignments other people come forward to help each other have small meetings on google/zoom to solve the assignments problems.
Digital Deepak Internship Program – changed my life and also taught me digital marketing, I am now more focused, I have bigger dreams, plan on how to achieve those dreams. Digital Deepak is not just an instructor for his interns he is a mentor, he is a role model for many and for me too.
why don’t you join this amazing program and be a part of this amazing community and learning experience am talking about.

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Hope To see you in Program.


Richard Paul (Digital Deepak Intern)

Content Marketing Strategy – The Process

Content Marketing Strategy – The Process

What is Content Marketing

Lego Movie Content Marketing Stunt. Though they are not selling any product but they are generating attention. In today’s world if you can grab the attention of people you are already half succeeded. content marketing often draws attention of people who care about your product and willing to buy it.

What is Content Marketing? Content Marketing means creating and sharing valuable free content to attract
and convert prospects into customers, and customers into repeat buyers.
But that’s not it!

content marketing is not just about blogs, Facebook, Twitter, or viral youtube videos.

Content marketing is much more than that and believe me has been around us far longer than the internet.

Content marketing is all about Storytelling and humans love to tell and listen to stories. we pay attention to those who can tell great stories.

Content Marketing for business

content drives the Internet, and consumers are looking for information that solves a problem, not an immediate sales pitch. The trust, credibility, and authority that content marketing creates knocks down sales resistance, all while providing a baseline introduction to the benefits of a particular product or service.

The individuals and businesses that are having the most successful online tend to take an approach that involves a high ratio of valuable content that seemingly has no sales agenda, mixed with periodic promotional messages. Learn how you can earn from copywriting in 2020.

What’s the Difference Between Content Marketing and Copywriting?

Content marketing is the creation of valuable content that has a marketing purpose while copywriting is designed to get the reader to take a specific action. Sometimes that’s making a purchase, but it can also be confirming an email opt-in, calling for more information, or going into a store to check out the merchandise. Content marketing is blogs, white papers, and viral videos. Copywriting is sales pages, infomercials, and direct mail.
Content without copywriting is a waste of good content.
Copywriting without content is a waste of good copy.

3 key elements to make content marketing work for you

1. Give your readers what they want

High-quality content make your readers and listeners to keep opening your website. It rewards them for doing what you want them to do. That means every piece of content you write has to either solve a problem your audience cares about or it has to entertain them. Preferably both. Everything they receive from you should make them feel good. Each piece of content is a cookie that rewards your audience for consuming it.

2. Position yourself for success.

People want someone to share experiences and led by example. They want a trustworthy person whose word means something. You want to show that you know your stuff, but that doesn’t mean your readers want a college lecture.

3. Sell Smartly

Remember, you’re not trying to land a sale in a single shot, like some desperate used-car dealer who wants to put you into a 2000 Maruti800 TODAY. Instead, you’re building a content net that supports this sale and many sales after this one. Use your content to address underlying objections that might keep someone
from buying. Use it to tell interesting stories about how others have benefited from your offering. Use proven persuasion techniques to show your reader just how much he or she needs your product or service.

What Makes Content Marketing Work?

Copyblogger Media answered this question in a beautiful way stating that “Authority Rules”.
Establishing yourself as an authority in your topic is a great way to build any business more quickly.

  • It pulls prospects into your orbit, instead of forcing you to go hunt them down.
  • It engages prospects, rather than hitting them with hyped-up pitch after pitch.
  • And it makes you the go-to resource when prospects need your type of product or service.

so from where does Authority comes in first place?
Let’s see a few examples – Deepak Kanakraju or Digital Deepak, he gets lots of attention, he has a big audience and he gets lots of traffic.

and people love to hear from him and people really want digital Deepak’s advice on things related to digital marketing, personal branding, and startup. His authority comes from the fact that he makes people’s lives better, in part by giving advice and internship programs, and free live webinars.

Authority comes from the people you help

When you’re just starting, authority may come from free advice. As your business model evolves, you may shift to offering paid advice (coaching, paid education, or other models). Or you may continue to offer the advice for free, as marketing for your paid products or services.

Authority also comes from you

If you lack the confidence to step forward and talk about what you know,
you’re not going to build authority. If you give bad advice or have a lousy product or service, you’re not going to
build authority.
If you put your ego before your audience, you’re not going to build authority.

“We believed we could build a better search.
We had a simple idea, that not all pages are created
equal. Some are more important.”
– Sergey Brin, Co-Founder, Google

“To rank well, build a site so fantastic that it makes you
an authority in your niche.”
– Matt Cutts, Head of the Google Web Spam Team

The “7 A ” Content Marketing Strategy Framework by – Copyblogger

#1 Agile

Agile, so basically this is a mindset. this is how things work in the real world as on the internet. we are always doing something and get feedback and that’s the basis of not a static strategy, but one that can adapt and that’s very important.

#2 Authentic

Authenticity, in essence, the story that is being told, the friendliness, the stories that resonate with your audience. but as we saw the story is the one that the prospect or the audience is interested in hearing, not the one you’re interested in telling.

#3 Attention

we can also call it as “The Hook”. But if you haven’t done the first two steps or created the right mindset for your strategy, you’re going to find that attention is much harder to achieve.

#4 Audience

when we talk about content marketing, we talk about building an audience.
The audience of prospecting customers and clients. building the right audience is very important and we will saw how to build the right audience above in the article.

#5 Authority

we’ve been talking about authority from the beginning and this is what we are trying to achieve with our audience. It’s not enough just to have an audience — it’s how that audience feels about you. Are you the expert, the likable expert? That again applies to your marketing, which is why it helps to be an industry expert or a local expert because that creates that authority as opposed to a generalist.

#6 Action

And finally, the point where we have to take action on our plan. Now, as you’ll see when we go through this, you’re asking for action throughout. You can’t take attention and turn it into an audience if you’re not asking for them to sign up for the email list. So there are calls to action throughout. You’re not going to best take advantage of your authority if you’re not asking
people to share and tell their friends and all of that kind of thing. That’s where your audience starts to grow, both for you and your clients.

#7 Acceleration

The acceleration phase is the cool thing. when you build an audience, when you build this media asset, build your website and your client’s websites, all of these other opportunities come to light, For example, with the local marketing model, you start off selling marketing services, but you could also branch into real estate or local events or all these kinds of things.

The Bottom Line

Embrace an agile content marketing mindset. Adopt smart content marketing research tools. Identify online and offline content resources that reach your intended audience. Build a content marketing strategy using the 7 A framework which will help you to create a strategy that actually works. Use social media to accelerate your content marketing plan.